Our Strengths

Our business is based on plastic moldings since we established our company. Now we turn our own elemental technology we obtained from our experience to good account to support our customer from a program development.

We aim to be a corporation that solves the needs of our clients through our unique machining processes and specialty cutting edge technologies.

From furnishing you with the best advice for designs, materials and mold structures during the design and development phases of your product, to the best fabrication and quality improvement advice during the mass production phases, we provide the fullest and most consistent support from start to finish.

We support the process from a program development phase to a mass production phase.

①design proposal

『Resin Fluidity Analysis Software. Product Design and Mold Design Solutions』

Plastic is used in a wide range of applications such as plastification of metal parts and integration of multiple parts. However, achieving high quality by simply relying on the special characteristics of materials is near impossible. The product’s quality ultimately relies on the most optimal part design and precise mold design.

Utilising SATO Group’s wealth of experience, abundant know-how and technologies including next generation 3D CAD and resin fluid analysis software, we offer the most optimum designs for your products.

『S-Medical Center - Specialist in Material Development. Providing you with the most suitable resin materials』

SATO Group not only offers the most suitable resin materials amongst existing materials, we also design and develop special compounds according to your requests.

At our group’s S-Medical Center, manufacturer’s primary resin materials are combined with various types of fillers to create customised materials of different grades, and also as processed materials through compression molding, thus able to create functional prototypes ready for mass production.

Pioneering the next generation’s market through cutting edge technology.

➁production technology / molding

『Injection molding of various sizes available. We take orders from small quantities to mass production volumes』

At Sato Group, we have over 150 injection molding machines of various sizes small to large. Utilising the speciality of each of our 3 factories in Mie and Oita prefectures, we design efficient manufacturing processes according to our clients’ needs - no matter the part size or order size.

『Fully equipped with clean rooms optimized for high-precision molding used in optical design and more』

The quality of molded objects are easily affected by the manufacturing environment. Factors such as dust and temperature are strictly managed at our clean factories.
SATO Group uses a comprehensive quality management system in our manufacturing environment, such as the electrical consolidation of all of our injection molding machines at our Oita factory. Furthermore, the Tsu factory comes equipped with clean rooms used for high-precision molding in optical design and more.

Reliable products and stable supply through a steady assembly system.

③production technology / assembly

『I design the assembling process that is most suitable for a product from cell production to the automation line』

Sato Group designs production systems according to our customers’ needs, from manufacturing of single parts to assembly of unit products.
Different products require different processes. As such, from cell production to automated line assembly, we design the most efficient assembly line for you.

『We take full advantage of ultrasonic welding and laser welding techniques for superior precision and weld strength』

Welding technology using ultrasonic waves and lasers on surfaces of plastic parts. Compared to bonding using adhesives, the length of the manufacturing process and costs can be greatly reduced. Until the advent of these technologies, precision parts requiring exact accurate measurements and various types of containers requiring high sealability have been difficult to produce. At Sato Group, high sealability is achieved through our centralised management system for all our processes, beginning from optimised designs for ultrasonic and laser welding and mold production to processing.

Strict quality control to meet the high expectations of our customers

④quality management

『Comprehensive Quality Control Systems: Multiple 3D scanners in every office』

Precise measurements for precision parts. At Sato Group, we continue to craft trusted and reliable products using our comprehensive quality control systems which includes various testing machines for tensile strength, impact resistance and more, used in conjunction with X-rays and 3D scanners at all our offices

『Extensive inspection equipment. Using fluorescence X-ray spectroscope, correspondence to the RoHS and ELV Directives is also possible』

It is strongly requested to ensure that our product is not negatively affect our environment especially in the global market. It is one of the biggest tasks in our group to decrease the rate of environmental load substance regulated in the RoHS and ELV.
We will tentatively introduce the required testing machine to be able to ascertain the substances included.
In the global markets, adhering to environmental guides is of utmost importance. Reducing environmentally hazardous substances under directives such as RoHS and ELV is one of Sato Group’s biggest tasks. Products are actively scrutinised using various inspection equipment to ensure such substances are not present in our products, so that our customers may use them without worry. Strength, precision and also environmental friendliness - all possible through our thorough quality control management to fulfill our customer’s needs.

Consistent manufacturing technology

Meeting your demand with our consistent system, from product design to quality control.


product design / material proposal

Full development support all throughout - from prototyping to mass production.

Through meticulous consultations with our customers, we ensure product specifications are carefully understood to provide you with the most suitable proposals with all processes from product design to mass production in mind.


■Product designs and mold designs utilising 3D CAD and resin fluid analysis software.
■Technical proposals taking full advantage of our group’s technologies.


trial production review

Pioneering the next generation’s market through cutting edge technology

Based on our design proposals, prototypes are made and then evaluated.


■Numerous technological specialists at our various facilities at your service.


mass production research / mass production

Surefooted assembly system that support offering reliable products and stable supply.

Products can be mass produced upon request


■Various sizes are available for injection molding. We take orders from small quantities to mass production volumes.
■Fully equipped with clean rooms optimized for high-precision molding used in optical design and more.
■Optimised assembly process designs - from cell production to automated production line.


quality management

Meeting your high expectations with our thorough quality control

Offering you the best testing methods for various mass produced products.


■More than two 3D measurement machine is available in each factory, fully equipped and prepared quality control system is available.


Introduction of New Technology



This technology is crucial to manufacturing optical products such as lens and prisms.

The features of our technologies allows us to produce not only singular parts, but also produce and assemble composite optical parts according to your specifications.

With our group’s injection molding technologies, we are able to provide designs based on not only optical design, but the feasibility of the mold for manufacturing and the consistent quality during mass production. 



It is a technique specialized in production, the management of the medical equipment product.
I am fully equipped with a bioclean room and provide a product to be able to use in a high quality in peace in the environment that performed thorough hygiene management. The correspondence at Japan and the overseas (the ※ ISO13485 acquisition in China) base is possible.



Among the limited types of bonding technologies, ultrasonic welding yields the best appearance, air tightness and strength for resin products. From toner cartridges of photocopy machines, by centralised management for all processes from part design optimised for ultrasonic welding, mold creation to fabrication, the ability to produce consistent quality with ultrasonic welding is our feature.

Products impossible with conventional ultrasonic welding technology (no flanges, crystallised resin and such) are made possible with our new technologies.


 we provide you solutions for development and mass production of plastic products.

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