Our business profile

SATO Light Industries performs R&D, manufactures products and conduct sales in the following fields: Automobile, Office Equipment, Medical Supplies.

Furthermore, as the holding company, we take lead in the management of our group of companies, development of new products, opening up new markets (automobile, medical) and strategizing our foray into the global market.

Corporate culture

A place that you belong shall be your greatest motivation.

Be it work or sports, teamwork is considered as the lifeblood of any organisation.
At SATO Group, the work environment allows anyone to communicate with each other with relative ease, regardless of hierarchy. Above anything else, we place emphasis on work life balance so that you are able to appreciate your job and place in the company - overtime work is kept at a minimum, and clearing your paid leaves annually will never be an issue!

We strongly believe work-life balance is the key to productivity.

Features of our business and our products

Our products are actually all around you!

What do you imagine when you hear “plastics”? An indispensable and common material that exists in everyday items.
Such a common material is designed, developed and turned into actual lifesaving equipment at SATO Group. For example, seatbelts that you fasten every time you ride a car also contain parts manufactured by our company.

Recruitment Policies

Your uniqueness is your strongest asset!

When searching for a job, finding the best way to truly express oneself fittingly can be difficult. What you wish to accomplish, what your interests are, are pertinent questions to ask oneself. These are also words that we hope you are able try your best to communicate to us. Not just through words, but through your passion. We too shall communicate the best of our company to you!

Your job scope:

【Market Development】
Develop new markets - from market surveys and client development, and following through.
【Research and Development (R&D)】
Develop new products using our technologies.
Full spectrum from market research, R&D to client proposals.
【HR and Labor】
HR and labor related duties, development new human resources and HR evaluation systems.
Accounting operations and account settlement in group of companies


 we provide you solutions for development and mass production of plastic products.

TEL. 059-265-3211

For technical issues, please contact us by the phone number below.

Injection Molding・Welding・Optical Design

TEL. 059-265-3215

PBI Molded Products, Machining

TEL. 03-6380-6050

PBI Coating

TEL. 03-6380-6050




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TEL. 059-265-3211 FAX.059-265-4841

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