Optical Design


Technology of high precision and high quality optical parts and product design

Sato Group focuses on molding and assembly. Utilising our long history of achievements and synergy between different departments, we construct consistent manufacturing systems from design stages to assembly and evaluation.

Optical products that fully utilise precision molding and offer a balance of features and manufacturability are the pride of Mie.
In addition, we are capable of realising cost effective and airtight products with simple product proposals utilising welding technology required for plastic products.

Features of S-OPT


Manufacturing perspective distinctive of an injection molding manufacturer

We offer you the best solutions with our unique 3S technologies (S-Medical, S-Weld, S-OPT)

Compound lens designs for lenses, prisms and mirrors

We offer you the best available design by utilizing an optical analysis software.

Turning your ideas into reality with speedy development utilising our integrated systems

Mass production manufacturing design and development catered to our client’s needs

Technology introduction

Optical parts related

Optical parts

Designs with ease of assembly in mind

Lens for light condensing fixtures

Customisable directional characteristics and installation structure

Composite reflector-lens designs

Lenses for line lighting

Customisable designs for line characteristics and installation structure

Transforming your ideas in reality through designs from a manufacturing perspective

Guide for decorative light①

Transforming your ideas in reality through cost effective designs
→80% cost reduction

Guide for decorative light②

Transforming your ideas in reality through cost effective designs

Design proposal with manufacturing perspective considering assemblyability

Alternative reflector

Transforming your ideas in reality through cost effective designs
→50% reduction in LED quantity

Optical product Design

Examples of optical product design

Decorative lighting

lamp: small LED lamp for projecting logos onto the ground.

The combination  of high definition and high precision films with high resolution lens unit allow crystal clear projections even when zoomed.
*color projection type LED lamp is available

Car sideview mirror

Below car doors

Store entrance/exit

Decorative lighting

Projection type LED lamp: small LED lamp for projecting logos onto the ground.

With its own optical simulation and special ultra precision machining, we developed a filmless small LED projection lamp. The conventional high resolution lens unit keeps shadowed contour with high designing quality.

*color projection type LED lamp is available

Character shadow, realize three-dimensional sense

Gradation processing
* Filmless only feasible


 we provide you solutions for development and mass production of plastic products.

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