Message from President & CEO

Message from the Sato group representative

Since its founding as a main business of resin processing, the Sato Group has been striving to research, develop and accumulate unique elemental technologies to meet the various needs of customers.Based on this series of technologies, we offer total products ranging from general material development to super engineering plastics etc. special resin, from materials development to compound, various molding, assembled finished products according to customer's request Doing.Based on the motto "We will provide customers with security every day", we will work hard together as a company group so that we can make a leap as a corporate group that is needed for everyone in the future.

President Nobuo Sato

Management Policy

We give you Safe,Secure,Comfortable and create trigger

In order for a company to continue developing and growing permanently, it is a key factor that what value can be offered to customers and continue to give satisfactory satisfaction. And we are each and every employee that holds the key.

What is Safe?

It is to fairly and fairly carry out work without violating social norms in corporate activities, and we will comply with this.

What is customer's security

A customer is a company that buys our products and services, is a next process, a user of a final product, a society, and is largely a global environment. Relief means that the mind is restful, the state of calm of the mind is a state, and it is obtained at the end of a series of satisfaction. In order to provide peace of mind for the future, always keep in mind the customer's point of view. A company that can continuously provide customers with peace of mind will be able to continue business activities, that is, the company's existence. It is the most important requirement that customers have a sense of security to enable the survival and prosperity of companies for the future.

What is employee satisfaction

A company is made up of people. As a company, what we must practice as an employee to provide customers with peace of mind is to eliminate the factors (anxiety, instability, insecurity) that hinders customers' security, and to turn it into a safe element . If each employee can fulfill its mission on a daily basis at a moment's moment, it will make it possible for customers to enjoy peace of mind, and as a result they will be able to obtain peace of mind and satisfaction will be obtained. As a result, the value as a company is improved, the value of each employee is also improved, and we can acquire our lasting and prosperous prosperity. There is no doubt that happiness of employees is built on the foundation of company prosperity.

What is trigger?

We are convinced that our mission is to contribute to the comfort of society by working from the creation as a starting point and by working with all our efforts to make new opportunities to become all founders who start to move things

 We do our best to practice this mission towards the goal, Ansin-Ritsumei; spiritual peace and enlightenment.

Quality Policy

Quality Policy

We will always strive to provide higher quality products and services through continuous improvement activities on a daily basis in order to obtain more satisfaction and reliability from the customer's point of view.

Behavioral guidelines

Establish a consistent quality assurance system and provide higher quality and peace of mind.
We set customer's needs and set quality targets and work to achieve those goals.
We will raise our technical capabilities and aim for the ultimate expert group.
Observe the laws and regulations requirements without disturbing the social order.
Continually improve to apply to requirements and ensure the effectiveness of QMS.

January 1, 2019
Sato group
President Nobuo Sato

Environmental Policy

Environmental philosophy

The Sato Group recognizes that environmental conservation is corporate social responsibility and strives to maintain and improve the environment.

Environmental philosophy

The Sato Group aims to reduce the environmental burden caused by its activities by designing development design, resin molding, metal processing, product assembly and slurry regeneration as business activities and service ranges.
We will comply with laws and regulations applicable to environmental aspects, ordinances, and other requirements agreed by us.
We will manage hazardous chemical substances of products and materials used at our company and strive to prevent pollution of the environment.
We will properly operate our environmental management system and will make continuous improvements through regular review.
We set environmental objectives and targets, each employee creates ingenuity and practices environmental load reduction activities in our daily life, contributes to society such as environmental conservation and resource conservation.
We aim to raise awareness of employees, each employee recognizes responsibility, and fosters a corporate culture that voluntarily operates.

January 1, 2021
Sato group
President Nobuo Sato


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