Welding Technology


Plastic bonding with pleasing aesthetics, high sealability and quality

S-Weld is the name of our group’s ultrasonic welding technology.

Plastic parts bonded with ultrasonic welding (technique which melts and rebonds plastic using ultrasonic waves) have the following advantages:
 ・Easy to automate
 ・Short machining time
 ・Low cost
 ・High bonding strength

Sato Group has a successful track record of applying ultrawave welding technology to create consistently high quality products, mainly toner cartridges of photocopy machines, by combining processes from designing optimised parts for ultrasonic welding and mold manufacturing to fabrication under one integrated management system.

Issues of ultrasonic welding such as requiring flanges or the creation of burrs are eliminated with our unique S-Weld technology.

In order to cater to recent welding specifications and requests (structures, materials), other technologies such as high frequency welding, laser welding are also taken into consideration, with emphasis placed on ultrasonic welding.

Features of S-WELD


Integration of Injection Molding + Ultrasonic Welding

The resulting shape of the ultrasonic weld is often entrusted to the maker of the welding machine, therefore it may be difficult to identify the causes of quality issues.
Sato Group is able to produce high quality welding designs as both molding and welding processes are heavily considered during product design.

Proprietary Weld Shape - “S-Weld Shape”

We are able to provide you with ultrasonic welding solutions that do not use flanges, do not create burrs, and also catering to crystaline resin.

With consistent product quality, shorter delivery times and lower costs are achievable.

In the case where ultrasonic welding cannot be implemented, the next most optimal solution shall be proposed. (Laser, heat plates, high frequency, vibration etc.)

Achievements in high difficulty part welding

Welding of complex shapes

Inner flange pipe product made from a pipe divided into half with a thickness of 1.5mm welded together

Fine welding

2 resin plates with meandering grooves were welded together to achieve an airtight, measurement-perfect plate with flow channels.

Film welding (Actual implementation on space shuttles)

Gas-exchange films of 50μm thickness were bonded together with ultrasonic welding, creating an airtight container with a good aesthetics.

This product was used in cell culture experiments on JAXA Space Station “KIBOU”.

Structural component welding

Welding of 5 parts in 1 product achieved (agitator blades that prevent ink hardening , volume sensors etc.)

Welding for large products

3 ultrasonic welding machines were lined up side by side to achieve long horizontal welding.
This process is difficult to achieve with vibration welding.

High-pressure resistant welding

Crystalline resins such as Polyacetal resin (POM) and polypropylene resin (PP) were used to achieve high pressure resistance of up to 20 atmospheres.


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