Production, management technology of the highly precise medical equipment product of high quality

In our group, it produced the plastics of various fields since the establishment of a business.
I perform the coherent support from the trial manufacture of the medical equipment product of high quality to a mass production for the cause by the results and the state-of-the-art that I cultivated for many years under clean environment.
In addition, I provide a medical equipment product to be able to use in peace by suggesting the most suitable specifications using 3S (S MEDICAL/S WELD/S OPT) which is an original technique.

Characteristic of SMEDICAL


Anti-contamination control

With efficient sanitary design and introduction of the latest equipment,
Thorough contamination prevention management is realized.

Hygiene management

Not only hardware, insect monitoring, hair management, microbial management etc.
We carry out optimal sanitation management from both sides with software.

Provide added value for injection molding

Assy and others with excellent airtightness using SELECT, which is proprietary technology etc.
Give added value to injection molded parts.

Medical equipment products introduction


It can correspond to various materials such as polycarbonate resin and polypropylene resin.

Plasma separation blood circuit

· Injection molding + resin plate Ultrasonic welding, film welding to form a blood circuit.

Platelet bag

· PVC bag (high frequency welding)

Micro flow path

Ultrasonic welding of two resin plates with fine grooves processed to make airtightness and dimensional accuracy of all parts
Secure and form micro flow path.

Cell culture container

It is used for cell culture test in the JAXA space station "Kibo".

Blood circuit

Formation of blood circuit by injection molding and ultrasonic welding.


 we provide you solutions for development and mass production of plastic products.

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